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edCHOcational, content-rich, REAL, progressive, innovative…

Welcome to the CHO2go family… People are the energy of the future… and we’ve barely the skimmed the surface!!! Here, we drill through all of the curiosity and wonder, to capture all of your cherished matter! It’s how we forge ahead and how we make a difference! We are all connected and we all matter! Here… we combine people and knowledge, to unleash a lot of existing positives!!!

The CHO2go teachings are a perfect portal, for comfortably exploring and expanding, your personal strengths and powers. You might go to a gym to get fit or lose weight… so why not nurture your Spirit? The connection you have with yourself and others, is way more powerful than any dollar. Here, it doesn’t matter where you’ve been, what you don’t have or what you’ve stepped through. Here, we create empowerment through Love and Happiness. To succeed, we organically and authentically, open hearts and polish mindsets.

At CHO2go, we respectfully heed the messages of our highly-esteemed medical professionals… we know mental health is plaguing our nation and we know the daunting predictions, clouding our horizon… a large, rapidly-retiring and aging Baby Boomer population, combined with rising health issues at younger ages and the strain of addiction, as an epidemic… all in one unprecedented parallel and package. Quickly, we are learning the impact and cost of a lack of happy and all that we know, is only what’s clinically recorded. It’s time to take advantage of what’s inside, to create a better external. 

CHO2go is committed to redesigning the storyline. After just one generation of building, toiling and ‘progressing’, the settling can not be fear, anxiety, aggression, depression and/or segregation. Here, being lost is not allowed to be common!!! Here, we believe that all the external we’ve had to focus on, is definitely for a reason!!! Now, it’s time, to align the world with your likes, preferences and priorities – all accordingly to your pace and schedule. Here, we elevate self-awareness, self-love, self-growth and self-empowerment, to create fresher, pearls and prizes.

Here, we believe in creating a new-promised land.. a flip of the lens… a reboot of psyches… to pave the path to better outcomes. Here, we will never forget that our forefathers fought for our freedom and today, in their honour, we succumb, to marching for our marbles. However, first, to win the battle, we must learn to march to our own drums and rhythms.

So, if it’s heart and soul, technology or business… whatever’s your cocktail… we’ve got your flavour!!! Before the noose gets tighter, avoid slipping down the rabbit hole all together. Join us, in kicking the crap out of the negative. We cater to all ages and one-by-one, and together, we pump the positive, in our selves and our nation.

What we offer speaks to the needs of people, the planet, the animals and our business. Blending woohoo with our lives and our business, is our calling and our passion. CHO2go can not wait to $$$ tangibly measure the sustenance and successes!!! We welcome, YOU… to the CHO2go family…

CHO2go Teaching Descriptions

‘We style our experience to offer you an experience in style’

Individual and Corporate

  • Plant your dream seeds
  • Bring your bucket list to life!
  • Create the perfect business plan
  • Let’s talk about teenage life!!!
  • Comedy & Laughter
  • Healing through music & dance
  • Making space for change
  • Resolving conflict
  • People communications
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Embracing your intuition
  • Energy 101 – Harness your Power!
  • Feng Shui – individual – 1/2 day
  • Let’s talk about Love
  • Spirituality has hit the mainstream!!!
  • Happiness 101 – Flow With Your CHO
  • Are you a Happy thinker?
  • Attract your best Happy
  • Animal connections
  • Capture your nostalgia through legacy


  • Fast-tracking goals and successes
  • Streamline your business to faster, greater profits
  • Workplace etiquette and professionalism
  • How effective is your technology?
  • AI 101 – Are you really ready?
  • Leadership is a contact sport!!!
  • Happiness 101 – Go With Your CHO
  • Adapting a Happy Culture footprint – 1/2 day session
  • Feng Shui – corporate – 1/2 day session


$29.00/month = $348.oo/ year for individuals;

$40.00/month/person = $480.00/year/person, for corporations

Extra Tidbits

Each 45-60 minute teaching can be received via online video conferencing, and each, represents just a part of the greater, step-by-step CHO2go Performance model. Subscribers are encouraged to progress through the step-by-step model, however, for flexibility and convenience, each session is also effective, through independent growth and participation.

Further, the session titles, set out below, reflect the CHO2go teachings portfolio, but does not necessarily depict the exact order, each session, will be presented, nor is the inventory, complete in it’s entirety. Logically, CHO2go evolves by listening, learning and responding to the needs of it’s monthly CHO2go subscribers. We commit to providing detailed session descriptions and video access privileges,  well in advance of each session.

‘No business will ever realize it’s true potential

until it realizes the true potential of it’s people.’

More for the CHO2go subscriber…

Professional  Pizzazz AND  Polish…

Customer Expectations
  1. Any CHO2go subscriber willing to: 
  1. invest 4 hours per month, of quality, edCHOcational time, live, online; and
  2. commit to the suggested follow-up of fun strategies and practices; and
  3. complete, even just a portion of the CHO2go teachings

…can fully expect to achieve optimum results, from the CHO2go New Age Performance model, both personally and professionally… tangibly and intangibly.

Like anything in life, consistency commitment and accountability, yield rewards. Adding authenticity, takes it way over the moon, in whatever shape, ship or capacity, you say it is!!!

Customer Commitment

Of course, it’s up to CHO2go to ensure it’s customers are always Happily served and overly-satisfied. We are in the business of dreams and livelihoods and everything we do, is for YOU, personally and professionally. As the leading service provider of new age intelligence, our focus is always on value, efficiency and performance. 

The success of our model, is based on YOU Happily achieving YOUR goals and wanting to refer us, to others. We are dedicated to the Happiness of our customers, the positive growth of our CHO’s and our overall ability, to positively affect Canada’s GNH Gross National Happiness, one-by-one and collectively.

Subscription Cancellation

CHO2go membership cancellation, is on-the-spot and easy-to-terminate. All we request, is a quick confirmation, via email. Of course, we hope you will be happy to provide any feedback… people are how we grow and how we keep making a difference.

Customer FAQ's

What if you have to miss a live session or can not attend the allotted video scheduling? No problem. Our teachings can be independently accessed, anytime, from our CHO2go Library. committing to staying caught up with an evolving CHO2GO Customer Team?