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April to June, 2019

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April 15-19 Happiness 101
April 23-26 Attract your Best Happy

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April 29-May 3 Adapting to change
May 6-10 Self-Love
May 13-17 Feng Shui
May 21-24 Boundaries
May 27-31 Intuition
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M 11:00am-1:00pm
T, Th 11:00am-1:00pm                        4:00pm-6:00pm                                  6:30pm-8:30pm
W 4:00pm-6:00pm                                  6:30pm-8:30pm
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Please note, that all sessions are limited to 25 people. Attendees will gain greater, long-term advantages, faster, by regularly attending sessions, participating and taking advantage, of the happiness synergy we create, and grow, together, on a weekly basis. This is positive powers in numbers, at it’s finest!!! Having said that, come once, come weekly, everybody wins, everybody progresses, everybody’s happy.


Week Session
June 3-7 Intuition
June 10-14 Metaphysical Energies
June 17-21 Spirituality 101
June 24-28 Astrology


Happiness 101

Let me welcome you to the wonderful world of Happiness…

Well, we know that Happiness matters but first, to get its stride, it starts with awareness. You will learn about GNH Gross National Happiness, it’s origins, evolution and why our governments are paying attention to GNH, today, and I will show you the necessity, and importance, of why, as a nation, we have to temporarily focus on Happiness, if we hope to actually live Happy.  

You will learn how to adapt a more positive, Happier mindset, and the steps you can take to live a happier lifestyle, within a busy, fast-paced society.

I introduce the CHO Chief Happiness Officer, as the strength and power that naturall resides within you, and as a medium for relaying my Happiness teachings and messages.

For organizations, I further discuss the CHO, as a valuable, contributing player, in the workplace, and the roll the CHO can play to grow Happiness Synergies, that you can take advantage of and even tangibly measure.

I look forward to you joining us. Remember, choosing Happy can happen in an instant and last a lifetime. It’s also a ‘use-it’ or ‘lose-it’ program.

Attract ur Best Happy

The proven Laws of Attraction dictates that like attracts like and positive attracts positive. Learn the power of energies and how they impact, and impede, your mind, body, spirit, your environment, and more importantly, your relationships and opportunities.

You will learn about personalities, how to improve your communication skills, and how you can put your best self forward, to attract your best opportunities, relationships, and successes. 

This is honesty, out loud, like no other, at least in general. I would never single out, humiliate or embarrass, any participant. This is a loving, supportive setting where you can feel safe, and comfortable, while you learn and grow.

Realize your goals, more quickly. 2019 is YOUR Year!!!



Adapting to Change

Change is a basic survival instinct. However, despite our innate ability to quickly adapt to change, we are also creatures of habit, and are  completely susceptible to caregivers in our most sensitive years as an infant, child and teenager. We live in a high-pressure, high-demand world that’s consistently craving speed, efficiency and performance, and now, a lot, is taking our time, energy and attention, just to manage. It doesn’t mean, it’s all suited to our likes or preferences.

Change is natural and inevitable. We need it to continute to forge ahead, evolve and prosper. However, now, with all the busy, it’s seems logical, that we might begin to resist it. Resisting change, too much, can hinder your happiness and your journey. If you’re feeling stuck, bored, demotivated, or inhibited by change, this session is for you.

Are you ready to ‘switch it up’ you but don’t know what to switch it up to or how to make the switch? Here, I discuss change, as a tool and approach, that you can make work for you! No longer is it a hinderance you might put off or want to avoid. Here, we turn change into power! You will learn how to lower the risks of change, and how to easily, and effectively, plan to get to that new place or space! Change is so fresh and exciting! You shouldn’t feel scared, worried, or defeated. And, if you aren’t sure what you want to change to. That will flush out, too, I promise!

Remember, resisting change can hinder the Happy. It’s a truth. Please do not shoot the messenger!


Self-Love. Nothing new in the buzz of things! We know we need it and we know it’s lacking! Loving yourself, is a lifetime journey for many people and it can get very strained living in such an externally-driven world. Keeping up, working, serving, alone, merits losing ourselves, and especially if you take pride in how you present yourself, or care for, and help others.

Many people seek joy outside of themselves, people, stuff, money. If your likes and preferences aren’t lined up with how you’re living, over time, you might feel an underlying lack of satisfaction, despite how fulfilled your life seems to be, how Happy you think should feel, and all our many gratitudes.

Loving yourself naturally draws the best opportunities, relationships and opportunities, so, of course, it’s the right place to focus! Loving yourself, is you living in accordance with who you truly are. Honesty, with yourself, is a key to living Happy, in the long term. Otherwise, you begin to live for just those rare fleeting moments. We are all individuals. Elevate how you feel about yourself and watch the world evolve in front of you.

If you’re really feeling a lack of love, for yourself, or just want to love yourself, more, come to this session. It’s for all ages and scenarios. Here, the intent is to gt to the Happy, faster. Remember, Love, Love, Love, will always make the world go round. Show up, if you’re not feelin’ it!!!

Feng Shui

This session is loaded in Feng Shui tips and guidelines for individuals, in their lives and the workplace. Originating from the ancient Book of IChing, Feng Shui is an ancient-old science, dedicated to the presence of the heavenly stars, winds, and earthly elements, in relation to your life energy. 

This session provides an brief introduction to FS. I will show you how to measure your property, and how to promote good energies and subjugate bad energies, so you can nurture the goodness of your surroundings, at any time, or on an ongoing basis.

Come and quench your curiousity! Nothing becomes a cliche in our society without being scientifically proven, or boasting a successful pattern. This is authentic, fun and real. Also, don’t hesitate to book me for a detailed reading. I can add cheer to your home or business. 


Are you a person with commitment issues? Have you been hurt in the past and don’t want to risk another heart break? Stop that crap! You are naturally wired for love, commitment and abundance. Why settle for a life of emptiness when there’s so much to experience, give, and feel? This session will provide you with a fresh, new perspective for Happily living forward.

Like all my others, sessions, this one is also real. Let’s face it… there are a lot of energy suckers out there and a whole lot of distractions. Here, we discuss how to draw, and maintain, personal boundaries; how to say no; and how to recognize what you should or should not own, when it comes to relating with others.

Establishing good, solid boundaries, leads to a fresh sense of style, grace and presence, that empowers you to stay positive, grow, and continue or look forward to love, amongst and despite any of life’s changes and challenges.  

Learning to let go is definitely a true positive, however, in my case, you really do want to grab on and come to this session!


How is it that we are the smartest species on the planet, wired for survival, yet we use our intuition the least? How many times have you looked back and thought, ‘ya know, something told me not to do that and I ignored it!’ or ‘what a coincidence’? Intuition is a natural sense and power that you can hone and make work for you. It’s effective, in the moment, or for making decisions that are still a rest, on the horizon.

Here, you will learn about intuition, and how to unlock this powerful tool, on a moment-to-moment, day-to-day basis. Start now… follow your intuition and come to this session.  


Metaphysical Energies

We’ve gained A LOT from the science world. The simple Laws of Attraction proves we can manifest and it’s been around forever. So, what’s the stick? In this seession, I discuss this ‘intangibly-perceived’ world, how things flow; how you can affect it; and how you can take advantage of it. Are you ready to talk about what you can’t see, so you can start embracing this ‘untapped’ asset?

Energy is everywhere, so it works everywhere. Love it in your life and your business.

Let's Talk about Spirituality

Spirituality has finally hit the mainstream! It’s no longer reserved for just church-goers, hippies, or woohoos! Every individual is connected, whether it’s conscious or sub-conscious.

Spirituality is the relationship you have with yourself, the Universe and heavenly Spirit, be it God or whomever or whatever you choose to praise or believe in. It’s personal, subjective and private. Still, objectively-speaking, we’ve learned a lot and there’s a lot to share to grow forward, even if it is from just basic experiences. We know awareness, and connection, are real and we know what we can’t see, is powerful. 

Despite all the hype, connection and attraction, who’s really who in the zoo and can their ‘gifts’ truly can make you Happy and launch you forward?

This workshop shines a whole, new light and perspective, on spirituality, how you can embrace it and nurture it going forward. It helps you to dispel confusions you may have when it comes to identifying tools, teachings, healers, services, etc.. You might even find you’re good, growing on your own, if that’s what you need to empower you.

When it comes to spirituality, the sky really is the limit when it comes to loving yourself and accepting and loving others. So is Happiness. Spirituality, like Happiness, truly is a positive movement that compliments any religion or belief system. Don’t forget, the one-hour spiritual feed I provide after each of my discussions.

Fuel your spirit while you do your business.


Here, I will bring in a guest speaker to discuss the various aspects of astrology, in general. $30 pp. Bio to be provided.

Hello CHO...

You would go to a gym to lose weight or get physically fit. I offer a cognitive, spiritual escape, where you can learn and grow, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, on a regular basis. Here, we acknowledge the ‘being’ and the ‘busy’.

We kick-off each session with a one hour business or people topic, that’s informative, thought-provoking, relative, and real. A content-rich, constructive portal for you to grow, and process, your intellect, in a very demanding, externally-driven world. I will also host guest speakers, on a periodic basis, to keep our sessions fresh, innovative and engaging.

After the intellectual hour, YOU will honour your spirit through a variety of interactive concepts, tools, exercises, meditations, creative expression, readings, art-forms, music, sing-songs, story-telling and rituals. YOU can grow quietly, at your own pace and in accordance with your own likes and preferences, all within the privacy and company of your own self, or by interacting, participating, listening and sharing with others. Here, you will have a voice and a place to be heard, if you need one. Here… we embrace our differences to celebrate YOUR greatest life challenges and successes.

Here, you inadvertently gain the benefits of a Happy collective whole while proacitively contributing to Canada’s GNH Gross National happiness, just by showing up with a want to be a better person and live happier.

If you’re looking to personally learn and grow in your life or business, and proactively avoid ‘slipping down the rabbit hole’, this space is for you! Here, you can truly rejuvenate from the day to day mundanes, pains, drugs and drains, by staying aligned, connected and empowered. Here, staying happy isn’t a destination, it’s an actual behaviour and lifestyle, no matter what you’ve been through or where you’re coming from. Here, nobody settles for just those rare, fleeting moments! Nobody!

Spirituality has hit the mainstream and it’s definitely the key to finding long-term peace and Happiness. To think book stores are still displaying it under ‘new-age’ or cult’, is hard to wrap, even ridiculous. The fact that we want to bury it, is troubling especially when a Happy spirit, is the ultimate driver. Burying our spirts and trying to live through stuff, or others, is causing a whole lot of the upheaval in our nation’s mental health wellness. Under it all, it truly is a lack of Happy. Come, let’s talk out loud and keep things moving! Come and flow with your CHO Chief Happiness Officer. Stop the regurgitating head chatter, and keep your whits, heart and spirit, about YOU. See you soon!