We flow, over, in positive CHO2GO Intelligences…

we even have a CHO Language!!!…

CHO2GO captures what we know, to drive performance, power and value. We focus on things that are challenging to embrace and boundless to measure… like happiness, spirituality, energies, music, dance and laughter. Things that we know matter, to people.

Interestingly, even though these ‘intangibly-perceived’ assets, are laced in proven positives, that we can harness and take advantage of, most often people only give heed when they’re lacking. Then, logically, they are lofty, loving lean-ons, for healing hardships, easing problems and/or growing people, forward. If we choose to consciously focus, before we encounter personal challenges, we can proactively unfold our true strengths and colours, and create happier connections and greater successes. When we come together, it’s a much bigger rock star!!! 

In support of our integrity, credibility and reputation, our solutions and offerings are always based on solid facts, statistics, studies, ongoing trends and/or well-accepted patterns, platforms, principals and practices, all from highly-esteemed professionals,  experts, leaders and/or large population followings. Naturally, we love when our scientists confirm what we know. It spreads the positive, faster.

This section is a brief summation of our CHO2go Intel.  Practicing what we preach, is an integral foundation of our business. As a catalyst and guide, we have done our best to respond to the needs of people and of our business, and to apply what we know, in a way that is objective, organized and logical. Then, we fuel it with passion, integrity and experience.

Seize the knowledge… breath the power!!!


We are very committed to getting it right, for the people, the planet, our animals and our business. CHO2go drives successes through a clever blend of:

  • basic psychology; 
  • proven metaphysical laws and energies; and
  • widely-accepted, mainstream spirituality principles; and
  • top-quality business practices; and
  • mediums: happiness, spirituality, energies, love, laughter, music, dance, and then some; see needs and benefits; and
  • gobs and gobs of on-the-ground, real-life experiences, challenges, lessons, failures and successes. 

we take advantage of all the proven spaces…

We know that a lot of what we experience, is more than just a feeling and more like an innate intelligence. We integrate all the ‘innates’, into an innovative blend of, intellectual, emotional, energetic, spiritual, business AND product intelligences, to turn negatives into positives; intangibles into tangibles; pains into power; losses into profits; failures into successes; and dreams into realities.

We also lean on the basics, to lead us… the proven Laws of Attraction, the 3rd Law of Motion, Law of Diminishing Returns,  the powerful power in numbers, etc. etc.

That’s just a little about our CHO2go Intel foundation… why we stand tall, why we can deliver and why we can help your grow you, forward!!! We succeed through paths of awareness… the fruits are inside of all of us!!! Still, there’s more…

so many umbrellas for you to thrive and perform under…

We get down to the hearts and the matters, of lives and businesses… we have so much to explore and experience… so much value under so many umbrellas…

  • a very robust, value-added service portfolio which provides a convenient, turn-key, one-stop shop platform, for our subscribers; 
  • solid, objective knowledge AND intelligences, using a clever combination of eastern AND western practices;
  • Triple threat+ – unique, hands-on experience in business, technology, people AND service; AND
  • hands-on experience in multiple industries; AND
  • steady, proven delivery of efficiency, value AND performance; AND
  • proprietary, step-by-step performance model AND content-rich teachings, that benefit individuals, families, organizations, income-earners, entrepreneurs AND in-need recipients;
  • we take the spirit of the corporation, way past lip service AND right into your bank account!!! We add woohoo to business!!!… who does that???; AND
  • a lot of personal adversities, strains and challenges, AND over a long-extended period, that resulted in a very deep spiritual journey… one of sadness, survival, lessons and successes.

Since we do claim a lot to offer, please do not hesitate to call us on all of it, at…