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Product Intelligence

Our products symbolize Love and Happiness. They also contribute to the movement for upping Canada’s GNH Gross National Happiness. Our products are designed to make you feel good and to spread more of the positive. We shoot for fun, attraction and empowerment, to visually remind YOU of how much YOU matter and make a difference!

Sometimes the joy may come from seeing a CHO2go product, on others… or some times, you might cradle them in your palm, your pocket, your lap or maybe even brush them in a hallway. A lot of times, you might wallow in the joy you create, by adorning your body… but every single time… and perhaps the best times of all, might be the thrill you feel when you gift a CHO2go product… you can even pay it, forward!!!

Our ‘Offline Connection of the Hearts’ is an evolving line of visual, on-the-ground messaging, to trigger Happy moods, nods and smiles. Please do keep in mind that we do not endorse spacers! The first in our ‘Offline Connection of the Hearts’ series, is the Canadian beanie.

Naturally, we go for quality and affordability and we are heavies, on go-green and originality. A lot of products are limited, to keep it flowing and effective. We are also committed to under-promising and over-delivering… as we learn, we will build the inventory!!!

Thanks for joining the CHO2go Happy movement… actually it’s more like Happy traction, fuelled by Happy products.

*Please note… for your convenience, all product pricing, includes GST and delivery. To reduce costs, we also deal only in direct deposits, to eliminate third party fees and charges. In addition, 50% of all net proceeds, will be dedicated to human wellness, improvements in technologies, animal kindness and/or turning dreams, into realities. The more we sell, the greater  AND faster the difference.

With heartfelt appreciation, we thank you for your purchase and your support in our Happy initiatives.

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The Canadian Beanie

A perfect first, in the kick-off of our ‘Offline Connection of the Hearts series. Note that the CHO2go logo will be replaced with the winning character of the CHO Character Contest, which closes December 31, 2020. 

Price: $20.00 ETA: 2-4 weeks; Black; Unisex – one size fits all.

Mantra Stickies

The mantra stickies are like personal tweaks and nudges. They can reboot old brain reels and switch-up your self-talk… just to remind you of how fabulous you really are!!! Steady exposure to visual positives, be it, consciously, subconsciously and/or subliminally, can lift your Spirits, without you even noticing. If you recite them in your head, out loud in your mirror, or as you go along each day, they’re even more powerful! Mantra stickies are a great space, for taking up the positive!!! See energies…