Capstone’s Happy Culture/Attrition Footprint

Happiness is more than a feeling & more like an innate intelligence

Capstone’s Happy Culture Footprint provides a step-by-step guide for realizing the many proven benefits of happiness, for individuals and organizations. Happier people create greater successes, faster. Happiness is magnetic, contagious and subject to many degrees of separation. A Happy Culture takes advantage of happy power, in numbers. It’s an ‘untapped’ asset within any organization and ideal for motivating staff; supporting operational change/restructuring; or facilitating a smooth, happy attrition initiative. It’s an easy compliment to any business. 

The Happy Culture Footprint was created in response to the overwhelming lack of happy, in Canada. Please see below for the needs and benefits of focusing on Happiness, in our nation.

I am Canada’s Queen of Happiness… 

I reveal it as more than just a feeling and more like an innate intelligence,
I inspire smiles, styles, business and balance sheets,
I push the chaos and the busy into flowing and positive.
I am the one-stop shop, the ultimate catalyst for deriving value out of the joy of things,
All my efforts, products and offerings, are dedicated to upping our nation’s GNH Gross National Happiness

All my solutions work for individuals and at mass, in organizations.

Happiness is a silver bullet for people, business, communities AND our nation.


Our mission to proactively reduce the risk of mental health illness, disease and addiction, in individuals, to collectively increase the GNH Gross National Happiness, in Canada.

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Imagine a Happy person.

Then, imagine many Happy people in an organization.

Then, imagine many Happy organizations in a nation.

Now, together, we make a difference.

There is an urgent Need to focus on Happiness…

There is an urgent Need to focus on Happiness…

The Benefits are way beyond fabulous…

Individual Needs

  • transitioning of Baby Boomer (BB) working mindsets to post-work years mentality.
  • Laws of Diminishing Returns. Awareness that money and stuff, alone, may not provide sustained Happiness.
  • ‘Spirituality’ has hit the mainstream – no longer just for hippies or woohoos. People are seeking.
  • feeling happy is the common denominator in all of us.

Business Needs

  • large, rapidly-retiring Baby Boomer workforce.
  • large gap in experience.
  • need to do more with less people.
  • need to attract and maintain quality people. Flexibility, lifestyle, $$$
  • right or wrong, organizations are subject to negative corporate stigma.

National Needs

  • a lack of happy is costly mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially.
  • social landscape. 6th happiest country in the world but what does that mean?
  • accelerated gains in wealth per capita, minimal gains in overall happiness of people, over last 3 decades. Need to increase nation’s GNH – Gross National Happiness. 
  • more illness, disease and addiction occurring more often, and more at younger ages > heavily burdening entire health sector.
  • Mental health illness, disease and addiction – already crippling our system.
  • challenging, unprecedented predictions facing all aspects of society.
  • multi-generational blending of mindsets. Success is no longer the key to happiness; Happiness is the key to success.
  • society indicators relay demand/need for spiritual reboot in our nation.
  • population dynamics… senior tsunami.
  • large, retiring workforce > large reductions in disposable income, consumers spending, investor pools, risk-takers. Global issue.
  • large, rapidly-aging population > greater strains on medical services, caregivers, business, and government purse. Global issue.

Benefits for Individuals

  • enhances health, wellbeing, longevity.
  • enhances spiritual connection – self-awareness, self-love.
  • increases energy, motivation, desire.
  • improves confidence, social skills, relationships.
  • improves focus, resiliency, stamina.
  • enhances creativity, performance, opportunities.
  • realize goals more quickly.
  • low-cost, low-maintenance.
  • right to entitlement for every individual.
  • quick to engage, minimal learning curve, easy to sustain.
  • fun, positive, stress-free.

Benefits for Business

  • increases revenues; reduces costs.
  • increases motivation, productivity, performance.
  • improves teamwork, communications, sales.
  • attracts and maintains quality staff.
  • provides ability to do more with less people.
  • reduces absenteeism.
  • eases retirement / succession planning.
  • reduces gap in experience.
  • high in demand, endless in supply, cheap to install
  • minimal learning curve, immediate results, quick to replenish.
  • resilience and Strength in any Market or Economy.

Benefits for our Nation

  • proactively reduces the risk of a lack of happy, and collectively, increases GNH.
  • motivates individuals to work together as a nation.
  • proactively reduces volume of health issues.
  • enhances longevity.

Happiness is a proactive positive that’s good
for our spirits, health, wealth & business.

  • from 2015-2021, the seniors out number the youth in our country, for the first time in Canada’s history. Exponentially, our youth will face greater rates of loss, at much younger ages.
  • senior tsunami on the horizon > rapidly shrinking workforce being replaced by a smaller group of fresh new thinkers, innovators > more driven by career satisfaction, flexibility, lifestyle than money.
  • post-BB population forced to maintain additional industries newly-created by BB’s >  technology, environment, social, wellness, alternative medicine, etc..
  • future impact
  • the post-BB population is forced to inherit, and maintain, additional industries while facing, and caring, for a senior tsunami that is settling on the horizon.
  • how will a smaller, more inactive group, facing more health issues/challenges, care for such a large, rapidly-aging population while continuing to uphold our nation’s mammoth economic engine? How much effort and care can one health-care professional consistently provide and how far can our large tax-base logically be dispersed in a climate with less-motivated income earners and less consumers spending? Even the sex and sizzle of AI, will have to be bought, paid for, and maintained.
A Toast to Canada's GNH Gross National Happiness...

Having the desire to feel Happy, is your built-in motivator and navigator. However, living too askew of your own likes and preferences, can disrupt your natural flow, and eventually create strain on your equilibrium and ambition. Too much upset, for too long, sub-consciously gives way to a gateway that may eventually slide you right down the rabbit hole, despite whatever great accomplishments, titles, bank accounts, appreciations or gratitudes!!! The good news is, we can always count on our head chatter, to inform us that things just aren’t flowing in our favour. Instead of managing the regurgitating chatter, we need to welcome, and heed, the message. Too much external can be at the expense of our mindsets. Listening to ourselves, is often a call from our spirit.  We might be the smartest being on the planet but, weirdly, we use our inution the least. For many, I think it’s like energies and emotions and even Spirit, I can’t see it, so it must not exist. Yeesh is all I can say to that!

After one generation of modernization and ‘progress’, our fast-paced, high-demand, high-performance world, is obviously threatening our joy and excitement. I am dedicated to proactively reducing the risk of mental health illness, disease and addiction, in individuals, to collectively increase Canada’s GNH Gross National Happiness.

If you’ve been focused on the external, too much, for too long, there’s a great chance you’re just a little mis-aligned, with yourself. That’s good. It’s an untapped asset that’s within us so it’s ours to tap… it’s your CHO! It’s free to explore and exercise and Happiness is a choice that can occur in an instant and last a lifetime. Wanting to live Happy is natural within us, but it’s also a ‘use it or lose it’ program. Your motivation is your internal source of strength, power and reward. If you get too disconnected, with self, up goes the lack of Happy, and down goes your motivation. It’s a major loss in personal power, because it’s the main driver within you, and one that gest awfully heady, the longer you persist at ignoring yourself. The head chatter provides the upfront signs. You just have to be honest, with yourself, and receive. I recently heard a line in a movie… ‘when did we become so afraid to face ourselves’? A lack of Happy is costly, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially and it’s affecting absolutely everything!!!

As the Baby Boomers rapidly age and retire, many will ‘hit the wall’ as they transition to their post-work, non-income years.  In addition, from 2015 to 2021, for the first time in our nation, the seniors will out number our youth in our country. As unprecedented times have well exceeded the approach, and are well on the horizon, the thoughts of future health care and loss, are debilitating, to say the least, and a lot is due to the health of our existing landscape.

Mental health problems seems endless and insurmountable, as do the the solutions. Information is certainly necessary and credible, but now it’s too stacked and too much in our realm, on a steady basis. Now, a lot of our efforts in exposure, are clearly working against us. It’s the simple the laws and energies of metaphysics, the simple Laws of Attraction, at it’s finest, proven and effective. Like it or lump it, we are manifesting, and growing, the negative, and it’s gaining traction way faster than our successes in combat, all under the covers, without any notice or mention.

Without negating the amazing efforts, passion, statistics and future predictions, shared by our highly-respected, highly-esteemed mental health care researchers and professionals, I don’t believe  that most of us are destined to lose our marbles. I believe that in accommodating one solid generation of steady toiling and building, we’ve just become a lot lopsided on the externals, and may just may have to temporarily focus on our Happiness, to align ourselves so we can live it. In essence, many of us have defined ourselves, through external factors and pressures and now, many of us are lost. No matter the scenario, or prescription, if we aren’t in line with our passion or purpose, eventually feel unfulfilled and unhappy will  prevail. Sadly, all that we know only reveals those who have been clinically diagnosed. Many are suffering, silently, and many are now screaming out loud through our latest epidemic… addiction. 

I am a one-stop-shop of Happiness solutions, services, synergies, storylines and journeys. I cover everything from how to find your happy, to actually living your happy, and nurturing and sustaining your happy, well into the future. I totally embrace creating Happy collective wholes to take advantage of Happiness, as a healthy strength in numbers. After all, Happiness is magnetic, contagious and subject to many degrees of separation, and an instant image-builder for businesses. Talk about kicking the crap out of the negative! Masses of Happy people make greater differences much more quickly. My teachings also promote growth and happiness through accepting, supporting, encouraging and helping others. Being with others is a major factor in feeling Happy and it saves us from all those ‘I’, ‘I’, ‘I’ individuals that we are just so tired of. Too much ‘I’, ‘I’, ‘I’, says you ain’t getting it!

I invite you to indulge in any of my Happy offerings. They all come from my heart and are all designed to make a tangible difference, in your life, relationships and business. Our forefathers fought for our freedom and now, we may need to temporarily march for our Happiness, or submit to losing our nuggets due to all the ‘progress’.

Oh… and before you shoot the messenger… the next time someone looks at me with sympathy and tells me they’re sorry about my ‘timing’, I will respond and say ‘are you kidding me? We’re way past a question of timing… in fact, reaching for our Happiness isn’t just necessary, it’s fucking mandatory! Sadly, it’s the lack of happy we’re focused  on and the lack of happy that’s quietly killing us’. Another yeesh!

I hope you will join me in focusing on the Happy and not the lack of happy, to create a Happiness wave right across Canada!  …cheri Nichol…