Welcome to a Wonderland of Happy, Innovative Intel…


I am Canada’s Queen of Happiness… 

I reveal it as more than just a feeling & more like an innate intelligence.

I inspire smiles, styles, business & balance sheets.

I push the chaos & the busy into flowing & positive.

I am the one-stop shop… the ultimate catalyst for deriving value out of the joy of things

All my efforts, products & offerings, are dedicated to upping Canada’s GNH Gross National Happiness.

My solutions assist individuals & organizations.

P R O F E S S I O N A L      O B J E C T I V E      P R O G R E S S I V E      RELIABLE

I assist individuals and organizations, in realizing the many proven benefits of Happiness. As a Happiness coach, I drive power, performance and sustenance, through a fresh portfolio of happiness services, solutions, assets and footprints.

With me, you can turn this ‘intangibly-perceived’ asset, into a steady, fruitful, life-long journey, opportunity and lifestyle. Please feel free to call me on it, @ 1+403-818-9890.