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We reduce the confusion, wonder, risks, costs and discomfort of AI innovation.

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 ~ Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the AI information?

~ Are you skeptical about the perfection being relayed by AI technology vendors?

~ Do you know how AI can actually elevate your business and bank account? 

~ Are you really ready to implement an AI solution?

~ Are you confused by which AI solution will best suit your needs?

~ Can you really justify the costs?

~ Are you confident you’ve factored all the costs?

~ Are you on a solid, realistic path for experiencing actual AI cost recovery?

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Clearly and concisely understand the costs, risks and rewards before you start your AI journey

Recognize and realize ALL the calculated value, advantages and experiences…

Capstone makes a difference at every level, angle AND aspect of your business!

A LOT of value to capture and A LOT starts with inception. Inception is a portal for easing change; recovering costs, more quickly; AND ensuring you take full advantage of the AI benefits and experience.

Professional innovation at your fingertips…

convenient, comprehensive, instant cost-saving value…

AI assets, solutions AND services… 

AI Business Modelling

Are you ready to optimize AI in your business?

  • Establish your specific needs
  • Establish your position, start point
  • Review preliminary AI product options, availability
  • Project scoping, costing, recovery
  • Short/long-term cost/reward analysis
  • Post-AI people requirements, attrition
  • Project risk analysis
  • Proactively measuring performance, accountability
AI Vendor Selection

You marry the product and the vendor

  • Due diligence
  • Product presentation
  • Final product analysis
  • Final product selection
  • Vendor negotiations
  • Final contract, commitments

The absolute best in project management!

  • Data mapping – your portal to AI
  • Data transfer process – stepping through the gateway
  • Internal training 
  • Go Live
  • People impacts
  • Workflows
Happy Culture/Attrition

Capstone’s Happy Culture Footprint captures the many proven, tangible benefits of happiness, in individuals and at mass, in organizations. It’s ideal for positively enhancing your business, motivating staff or facilitating a healthy, happy attrition initiative.

The footprint was created in response to the needs and benefits of Happiness, in our nation. When it comes to Happiness, it’s Capstone’s mission to proactively reduce the risk of mental health illness, disease and addiction, in individuals, to collectively increase the GNH Gross National Happiness, in Canada.

Evolution & Longevity
  • Goal setting – 1, 3, 5 year
  • Day to day management
  • Post-transformation projects
  • O/S change issues


            Cheri Nichol

My proprietary, step-by-step Happy Culture footprint, is perfect for motivating staff; performing operational change/restructuring; or facilitating a smooth, happy attrition initiative. Happiness is laced in many proven benefits and it’s naturally magnetic, contagious and subject to many degrees of separation. Focusing on happiness, is easy to justify and a tangible strength and compliment to any business.

‘The trick to achieving a fruitful AI platform, is making sure AI fits the needs of YOUR business AND your customer. Reaping the benefits depends on choosing the right solution and effectively migrating it, to your live business environment. Optimizing AI is about timing, selection and change precision, and it’s definitely a double-edged sword when it comes to cost recovery. It can provide long-lasting rewards or increase risks, costs and frustrations. AI can be the difference between success or failure, for any business. DO NOT be fooled by all the flying saucers. We are early in and there is still A LOT clouding the horizon and the value.’