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Literally transcend your life into a Legacy of Love… 

for you and your loved ones…

I offer a niche, high-impact service, for individuals and families. I create timeless storybook heirlooms, to capture the wisdom, authenticity, nostalgia and magic, of our Baby Boomers, their parents and our veterans. A classic rendition of who you are, what you know and all that you have accomplished, to proudly share and pay forward… before you forget and while you are on the planet!!! With me, living as a generational icon, is just your overture to a very fine crescendo!!!

I transcend life journeys, into enchanting, ever-lasting storylines, that you can cradle in your palm, rest upon your lap and upon your laurels! A content-rich monument of joy, love, longevity and sustenance, that captures you, through priceless, stand-still pages. If you are interested in this highly-esteemed gesture, I am the only intuitive, writer and catalyst, that can truly  get it out of you… clearly, concisely, comprehensively and creatively! I can really make it happen and really make a difference!!! I am a fresh, best secret… right at your fingertips… for some… the reflecting is even better than therapy!!! Here are my deliverables…

What you can expect from me…

  • a formal 200-500 page storybook heirloom, including stories, perspectives, messages, memories, illustrations, audios and a lot of other important details and tidbits;
  • customized poems;
  • customized logos;
  • customized, audio sleepy-time stories
  • legacy time capsules;
  • refreshed bucket lists;
  • specialized gift presentations;

personal innovation… at it’s finest…

showcase your pride…

preserve your power, image and impact

***Pricing depends on life experience and preferred service package.

Hourly or flat rate pricing options.

Private, confidential, anonymous.

References available upon request.***

Why I can deliver…

  • unique, unprecedented skillset, background and experience;
  • customized combination of creative writing, presentation and flow;
  • efficient, effective step-by-step gathering and rollout;
  • clear, consistent, concise, comprehensive, high-quality sustenance, content and quality assurance practices;
  • get-real, down-to-earth, savvy style.

My goals and passion…

One by one, and together, thousands of our fathers and forefathers, sacrificed their lives, to lavish us in freedom.

Inheriting the baton, the Baby Boomers have thrived and are still providing fruitful, happy lives for people and families. In the wake of the pace and progress, rapid advancements in technology, have created a multi-generational landscape. Already, the Gen-Z’r’s and some of the millennials, have no reference to living life, in any offline capacity. 

From 2015 to 2021, the seniors out-number the youth, for the first time in Canada’s history. Getting it down, is not only necessary, it’s critical for our youth, growing forward. In the past, we fought for our freedom. Now, we’re ready to share, all the cherished ‘marbles’.

I am passionately dedicated to our seniors and the legacy of the Baby Boomers. One-by-one and together, I make a difference empowering long-lasting leadership, respect, style and precedence

P R O F E S S I O N A L      O B J E C T I V E      P R O G R E S S I V E      RELIABLE