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I am Canada’s Queen of Happiness… 

I reveal it as more than just a feeling and
more like an innate intelligence,
I inspire smiles, styles, business
and balance sheets,
I push the chaos and the busy
into flowing and positive.
I am the one-stop shop, 

the ultimate catalyst for deriving
value out of the joy of things,
All my efforts, products and offerings, are dedicated to upping our nation’s GNH Gross National HappinessAll my solutions work for individuals and organizations. 

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Flow With Your CHO

Introducing the CHO Chief Happiness Officer, as a medium, FWYC taps the tangible strengths & powers, of Happiness, to enable individuals to live longer, happier lifestyles. Organizations can harness the power of the Happy masses by read more… 

What is a CHO?

CHO stands for Chief Happiness Officer. It’s the Happy that’s in each and every one of us. The CHO is your internal livlihood, or Chi, that drives your lifestyle, relationships, opportunities and successes. The CHO is also the portal, and medium, I use for relaying happiness teachings and messages. 

What is a Happiness Synergy?

A Happiness Synergy is a collective of two or more Happy people, happily coming together. Organizations have the opportunity to consciously grow Happiness Snergies, and make a bigger difference, more quickly, simply because they are tied to the masses. Happiness is magnetic, contagious and subject to many degrees of separation, so Happy people coming together, is a positive vibe, that just naturally occurs, without any fuss or upset. Happiness is our common driver and it’s the lack of Happy that’s affecting our country. My dream is to grow  enough Happiness synergies that they collectively roll into a Happiness wave that we eat, sleep, feel, and breath, right across the nation!

an Offline Connection of the Hearts...

OCOH is the ultimate driver underlying all my efforts and initiatives. Online technology promotes isolation, inactivity, a lack of confidence, motivation, etc., and it’s much more prominent in our youth. There are more, and new, health issues occurring at much younger ages, and now, from 2015 to 2021, for the first time in Canadian history, our seniors out number the youth in our country. Can you imagine the national impacts, emotionally, physically, spirutually and financially?

Online connection is a HUGE, HUGE deal, hovering over a landscape, drenched in health issues, perching to somehow host a senior tsunami, already a rest on the horizon. The problems are so unpredented and the solutions seem so evasive. When we focus on technology of the mind, our brains simply can not multi-task. Try to fathom that every single thing you see, online, is being processed one stimuli at a time? Now, can you imagine the volume you sub-consicously take in, that you can’t even know to notice? Talk about brain-drain! Be it conscious or sub-conscious, it’s affecting the matter.

Even a porsche that builts to race can’t race at top speed forever. Even a bird that’s born to fly has to land, from time to time, to gain balance and perspective.

All in all, online is a huge feed for mental health illness & disease and for many, it’s grown into a full-blown addiction. Whatever your schtick is, you can quickly have it! Online definitely has it’s place when it comes to information and performance, however,  depending on your level of connection, and even unbeknownst to yourself, you may just be giving up your marbles to get it!

OCOH encourages Happy individuals, Happily coming together, offline. My services and solutions, are intended to inspire Happiness, in individuals, and to celebrate greater successes, by bringing Happy people together – all types, all ages. All my products are designed to effortlessly, consciously and subconsciously, enhance the positive in your environment and people. We all matter, as individuals, and the more we come together, the greater the positve, and the greater the difference! Ask me about growing  a Happiness Synergy within your organization, or invite to me energize your storyline or create a visual happiness journey, in your space. I am the Happy bomb for individuals and businesses. 

I am seeking a CHO Sponsor $$$

… to be the Master CHO in Canada!!! This is a ground-floor opportunity to become the leader in bringing people together, individually and collectively, to realize the many proven benefits of Happiness. I have a solid, credible offering that’s turn-key and ready-to-go, designed to seriously pump (and even rebrand) your image, spirits and revenues, while making a difference! My HAT Happiness Awareness Tour footprint is robust, flexible and loaded in instant value and performance.

Coming together with the right sponsor, enables us to come together, to create, and spawn, Happiness Synergies, that will Happily sail right across Canada, all while you run to the bank and reap the benefits. Happiness Synergies are portals that can collectively turn into gateways we can channel into a Happiness Wave, that really raises our GNH Gross National Happiness and really makes a difference, in all aspects of our society.

I have a detailed business plan that I can slide to you very quickly. The footprint is fabulous for any-sized vision or scenario… creating Happiness synergies and waves, from school to school, town to town, office to office, city to city, province to province, is no problem! This is a stellar opportunity that can be brought to reality, faster, with the right CHO Master. It’s efficient, well-scoped, low-risk and ready to rumble!!!

Please contact me. It’s free to have a look and to have your toque twirled!!! I have a lot to make YOU feel good and more than enough to take your business to it’s next level. Become the master CHO in Canada! 403-818-9890.

bringing Happiness to Life & Life to Happiness…

find your sweet spot
between the being & the busy