Speaking is my passion because I can reach more people, more quickly. I have a vast array of people and business topics that will touch any size and type of crowd, and compliment any function or event. My sessions are informative, enlightening and rejuvenating, and I offer a get-real, down-to-earth, holistic style for you to enjoy and experience. My content provides long-lasting value for any individual or organization!

My sessions are for those who are happy and want to get happier, and for those who are living sad amongst the masses. It’s for those who have daily gratitude and appreciation for all they have but secretly feel a sense of fear, a void, emptiness or disappointment. It’s for the individual who feels overwhelmed from the daily grind and struggle, and for all those who want to love themselves and others. It’s also for those who care about the future health and wellness of our nation.

Happiness is an untapped asset.

I guide individuals towards living happy. I also take advantage of the happy masses to create long-term value for groups and organizations. Happiness creates motivation and performance. It’s a perfect gateway for realizing benefits and making a difference. It’s positive, cost-effective, and quick to produce results. Happiness is a ‘silver bullet’ solution for our nation.

Embrace Your CHO (Chief Happiness Officer)

CHO for the Individual

2 hour session

Every individual is a CHO – Chief Happiness Officer. The CHO is the medium I use to empower you to live your true authentic, happy self. The CHO is the joy that resides within you. I will take you on a journey of self-awareness, self-discovery and self-love, so you can adapt a happier mindset and live a longer, happier lifestyle.

My teachings will:

  • establish your CHO foundation so you can love yourself and others.
  • recognize your best self so you can attract your best opportunities and relationships.
  • introduce the power of energies – how they impact your day to day living, and how you can take advantage of energies to instantly enhance your happiness.
  • enable you to realize the many proven Benefits of Happiness, in all aspects of your life.
  • empower you with day to day ‘tools’ to ensure you achieve, and sustain, your new-found happiness.

Happiness can be a use it or lose it program. It’s a choice that can occur in an instant and last a lifetime! After all, happiness is naturally inside of you. You already own it!

Win With Your CHO

CHO for the Organization

2 hour session

Are you a Happy Corporation? Are you reaping the tangible benefits of this proprietary asset? No organization or business will ever realize it’s true potential until it realizes the true potential of it’s people.

The Baby Boomers are rapidly-aging and transitioning to their post-work years. Success is no longer the key to happiness. Happiness is now the key to success, for all generations! The post-Baby Boomers are a smaller group of fresh, new thinkers exposed to more industries and more opportunities. Plus, there are more entrepreneurs and more independents. Finding, and maintaining, quality staff in the future will be challenging for any organization.

Happiness affects motivation and performance and enables organizations to do more with less people. At mass, a happy collective enhances spirits, reduces costs, and increases revenues. I will show you how happiness can add to your business, how to effectively transition to a Happy organization, and how to measure it’s performance.

Happiness is an asset you already own and it’s quick to add value at minimal cost and zero risk. It’s a ‘diamond-in-the-rough’ for any organization.

An organization will never realize it’s true potential until it realizes the true potential of its people.

Happiness is a portal to new possibilities and opportunities.