Pump up ur CHO & your CHO…

bring life to Happiness & Happiness to life…

Energize your Storyline & Up the Happy in your Journey…

Bringing Life to Happiness…

Using a clever, unique blend of Feng Shui practices, metaphysical laws and energies, and intuitive experiences, I energize positive energy flows to stimulate happy spaces, spirits and successes.  

I take advantage of what you can’t see to turn negatives into positives, lows into highs, and intangibles into tangibles. Making a few small tweaks, clearing some chokes and paths enables me to influence positive energy streams and emotions, in your environment and people.   

In my basic reading, I assess the layout and location of your property or work space. I also provide a more detailed reading which factors your detailed goals, the life energy of your leader, management, and/or staff, as guides. Of course, the more specific we are, the more detailed the reading, the process and the outcome. The more we energize your enviornment, the greater the gateway for fresh opportunities, experiences, pathyways and profits. 

Energies trigger emotions and emotions trigger energies. Adding visual Happiness journeys captures the double positives! See below. For even more fun and value, engage your people in a full-blown energy workshop, onsite or take a break and come to my inner-city venue. check out my ‘Sessions & Workshops’. I look forward to energizing your world and unleashing these hidden assets and treasures!

Can you say Feng Shui?

Feng (Wind) Shui (Water) is an ancient old science that has been practiced by the Chinese for thousands of years.  Although many Feng Shui Practioners choose to exercise their intuition when performing their services, Feng Shui is not a religion nor is there claim that’s it’s anything spiritual.  Feng Shui is a science that strives for optimum balance in positive and negative energy flows between heaven, earth and your life energy on the planet.

Understanding that all people, animals, and things on earth are represented by one of five elements, being fire, earth, wood, water and metal, by considering an individuals life force, or ‘Chi’, as well as the types of elements comprising an individuals’ or business’ geographical surroundings and environment, we are able to determine, and streamline the sources and movements of both positive and negative energy flows.

Feng Shui has become a well-known and well-accepted cliche, and practice, in today’s society simply because of the traction of its successes.

Energy is YOUR Power!

Do you feel like you’re working hard and aren’t getting anywhere? Maybe you’re extremely successful, in all aspects of your life, but still feel like something’s missing, despite all your goodness, daily prayers and gratitudes?

Did you know energies and emotions, independent or together, can keep you from living, and experiencing, your true life’s successes, dreams and Happiness? Energy is the Universal conductor and connector. Independent or togehter, both are silently powerful and both pack a minute-to-minute punch that’s high-impact, long-lasting and definitely real. All that’s left to question is the positive or negative.  Due to our inability to see, touch or feel energies and emotions, both are rarely considered in our lives, nevermind measured, and recorded, on a balance sheet. In truth, energies and emotions influence our day to day successes and failures, and whether we live happy vs. sad. Things can thrive, or go awry, without them ever being factored or noticed. 

Energy is in everybody, everything, everywhere. It’s the underlying Rock Star of our planet and the force that connects us in the Universe. In it’s compact form, it’s obvious and easy to see, stagnant, as a solid. When it flows invisibly, and without substance, naturally it’s often taken for granted. 

Bless our scientists and healers for their definitions, confirmations,  endorsements, healing and wellness. The proven Laws of Attraction has opened so many doors and been a portal for so many opportunities and successes. Good what we’ve learned and good it’s in our realm to use going forward. Elevating the performance of energy, turns potentials into full-blown realities.

Energy is your life force. It resonates based on your thoughts, attitudes, feelings, words, and through your body language. While it might vary in vibration, the gist, is either positive or negative. What you choose and what you put out there is what, and who, you will attract and what, and who, you will wallow with. A lot of our health issues are energy build-ups that convert to blockages, as a result of long, unresolved or unexpressed emotions. As positive flows into the negative, eventually, build-ups turn into blockages and stop ups. Harmony or dysfunction. It’s merely a choice in avenue.

Choosing to be happy is an instant trigger for switching up the positive, in ourselves and our surroundings. Energy is the vibe that carries our happy, past our realm, into the Universe. Energy is connected to the whole that floats our happy choices, and attracts happy relationships and successes. Happiness fuels the heart and energy is the conductor. Once we become what we want, we establish our natural flow and become what we can be.

As time goes, energy ebbs and flows. We can benefit from it’s power by  consciously acknowledging, and guiding, it. It’s present anyways. Why leave chance open to the negative? Positive rolls smooth and easy; negative, more aimless and disorganized. By adding positive focus, intention and visualization, we can develop energy, as a tangible asset we can count on, and even  measure. A lot of parallels between energy and happiness. One comes from the universe, the other from people. What we give is what we take from.

My mission is to reduce the mental health issues in Canada. Of course, mental health is daunting, overwhelming and real. However, in reality, despite all the wonderful efforts and dollars dedicated to awareness and prevention, we’re actually working against ourselves, in the energy world. Simply put, the negative keeps giving life, and growing, the negative. Sadly, high volumes of consistent exposure creates additional worry, fear, anxiety and hopelessness, amongst people, and it’s exemplified if there’s family history. Welcoming dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. into our homes, as household names, and now acknowledging addiction as a raging epidemic, all silently give traction to the power of the negative, and unbeknownst to most, the snowball is rapidly growing.

Cleansing, revitalizing, aligning, creating and harnessing positive energies, is what I do. Energizing storylines and creating visual happiness journeys gets the most out of your space and your spirits! Both make a difference because both are powerful positives and both represent common desires and needs in all of us! Blending the powers of energies and emotions, is a perfect portal for better living and better business! Call me so we can establish, and polish, your foundation and future. 403-818-9890.

Create a Visual Happiness Journey…

Bring Happiness to Life…

Imagine a Happiness journey that showcases YOU as the star traveller!!! I create a special blend of Happiness messages, that reflect your family, or company name, logo, branding, theme, colors, or images. By creating a visual happiness journey that’s conducive to your life, or business, I am able to stimulate the Happy and positive, in your space and people. I factor your specific goals, leadership and management styles, and my intuitive focus, to further empower long-lasting impressions and impacts. 

Happiness journeys are an instant image-enhancer. They visually relay that you care and deliver a steady, consistent feed of subtle, positive energy, to consciously, sub-consciously, painlessly, and effortlessly, increase overall productivity and performance. Happiness journeys are perfect for upping the Happy and bringing people together. It’s an Offline Connection fo the Hearts, that inadvertently contributes to enhancing the GNH Gross National Happiness, in our nation.

Please refer to the panels, below, as a sample of the Happiness messages, I will use to design your special journey and adorn your setting. The purpose of these sharings, are to relay the content of the messaging, in a simple and concise manner. The variance, and flexibiliy, that I offer,  in terms of background, font, color options, etc., is way too vast to display or illustrate, because they are so specific to each client. Please remember, each journey is unique, tailored and blessed. I also recommend energizing your storyline and adapting a company poem, as additional services I provide, to further compliment, and fast-track, happy initiatives and successes. The more your CHO flows, the quicker, you feel Happy, and the more effortlessly, and naturally, the Happy will flow. Happiness is ‘use-it or lose-it’ program. I look forward to winding through your space and hallways!