Happiness is more than a feeling and more like an innate intelligence.

Happiness is a silver-bullet for people, businesses and our nation.

There is an urgent Need to Focus on Happiness…

Individual Needs
  • Transitioning of Baby Boomer (BB) working mindsets to post-work years mentality.
  • Laws of Diminishing Returns. Awareness that money and stuff, alone, may not provide sustained Happiness.
  • ‘Spirituality’ has hit the mainstream – no longer just for hippies or woohoos. People are seeking.
  • Feeling happy is the common denominator in all of us.
Organizational Needs
  • Large, rapidly-retiring Baby Boomer workforce.
  • Large gap in experience.
  • Need to do more with less people.
  • Need to attract and maintain quality people. Flexibility, lifestyle, $$$
  • Right or wrong, organizations are subject to negative corporate stigma.
National Needs
  • Social Landscape
  • More illness, disease and addiction occurring more often, and more at younger ages > heavily burdening entire health sector.
  • Mental health illness, disease and addiction – already crippling our system.
  • Challenging, unprecedented predictions facing all aspects of society.
  • Multi-generational blending of mindsets. Success is no longer the key to happiness; Happiness is the key to success.
  • Society indicators relay demand/need for spiritual reboot in our nation.
  • Accelerated gains in wealth per capita, minimal gains in overall happiness of people, over last 3 decades.Need to increase nation’s Gross National Happiness ‘GNH’.
  • Population Dynamics
  • Large, retiring workforce > large reductions in disposable income, consumers spending, investor pools, risk-takers. Global issue.
  • Large, rapidly-aging population > greater strains on medical services, caregivers, business, and government purse. Global issue.
  • From 2015-2021, the seniors out number the youth in our country for the first time in Canada’s history. Exponentially, our youth will face greater rates of loss, at much younger ages.
  • Senior tsunami on the horizon > rapidly shrinking workforce being replaced by a smaller group of fresh new thinkers, innovators > more driven by career satisfaction, flexibility, lifestyle than money.
  • post-BB population forced to maintain additional industries newly-created by BB’s >  technology, environment, social, wellness, alternative medicine, etc..
  • Future impact
  • The post-BB population is forced to inherit, and maintain, additional industries while facing, and caring, for a senior tsunami that is settling on the horizon.
  • How will a smaller, more inactive group, facing more health issues/challenges, care for such a large, rapidly-aging population while continuing to uphold our nation’s mammoth economic engine? How much effort and care can one health-care professional consistently provide and how far can our large tax-base logically be dispersed in a climate with less-motivated income earners and less consumers spending? Even the sex and sizzle of AI, will have to be bought, paid for, and maintained.

Happiness is a proactive positive that’s good for our spirits, health, wealth and business.

The Benefits are way beyond fabulous…

Benefits for Individuals
  • Enhances Health, Wellbeing, Longevity.
  • Enhances Spiritual Connection – self-awareness, self-love.
  • Increases Energy, Motivation, Desire.
  • Improves Confidence, Social Skills, Relationships.
  • Improves Focus, Resiliency, Stamina.
  • Enhances Creativity, Performance, Opportunities.
  • Realize Goals more quickly.
  • Low-Cost, Low-Maintenance.
  • Right to Entitlement for Every Individual.
  • Quick to Engage, Minimal Learning Curve, Easy to Sustain.
  • Fun, Positive, Stress-free.
Benefits for Organizations
  • Increases Revenues; Reduces Costs.
  • Increases Motivation, Productivity, Performance.
  • Improves Teamwork, Communications, Sales.
  • Attracts and Maintains Quality Staff.
  • Provides Ability to Do More with Less People.
  • Reduces Absenteeism.
  • Eases Retirement / Succession Planning.
  • Reduces Gap in Experience.
  • High in Demand, Endless in Supply, Cheap to Install
  • Minimal Learning Curve, Immediate Results, Quick to Replenish.
  • Resilience and Strength in any Market or Economy.
Benefits for our Nation
  • Reduces the lack of happy to proactively, and collectively, increase the GNH Gross National Happiness.
  • Proactively reduces volume of health issues.
  • Enhances longevity.