Attracting and retaining top-quality individuals will soon become a daunting task for all organizations. The post-Baby Boomers are a smaller group of fresh, new thinkers exposed to more industries and more opportunities. There are more entrepreneurs and less individuals driven by material stuff and money. In addition, as the Baby Boomers rapidly age and retire, so does the volume of income earners. How will the reduced number of income earners affect our tax base and the sustenance of our nation’s mammoth economic engine? How will the accelerated demand for medical services affect a medical system that’s already heavily-burdened?

In addition, judging by the existing strain on our mental health sector, and it’s gruesome predictions, it’s obvious that the psyche of our nation is in the toilet. We are definitely a population needing to up our happiness. 

Happiness is oozing in proven benefits. It’s a natural high everybody craves and needs, and it’s a right to entitlement for every individual. Even the government has taken an interest, calling it Gross National Happiness (GNH). Happiness is high in supply, endless in demand, low-cost, low-maintenance, and resilient in any market. It has a minimal learning curve that presents no risks and only gains. Happiness is produced in-house, is highly contagious and is extremely addictive. It’s a solid solution for any individual or business.

I create Happy organizations to capitalize on the many proven benefits of happiness. I offer a new-age, step-by-step Happiness business model that allows you to feed your spirit while you do your business. Happy organizations enable you to do more with less people by unleashing the energy and zest of the individual to take advantage of the happy masses.

FLOW WITH YOUR CHO – Chief Happiness Officer

Step-by-Step Happiness Guide – $20

Flow With Your CHO (Chief Happiness Officer), is an educational approach for realizing the many proven benefits of Happiness. Flow With Your CHO recognizes Happiness as a mindset, a motivator, and a lifestyle. It reveals Happiness as an innate intelligence that improves the health and longevity of individuals, and collectively empowers the spirit and wealth of corporations. It is rare and unprecedented in its strategies and solutions.

Flow With Your CHO is a low-cost solution for individuals or organizations seeking to enhance Happiness in a more private, independent setting. 



I provide value for individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses.

Any group, organization, or business can take advantage, especially if you answer ‘Yes’ to any of these questions?:

  • Are you a unHappy corporation?
  • Do you want to enhance productivity?
  • Do you want to enhance efficiency?
  • Do you want to enhance performance?
  • Do you want to enhance revenues?
  • Do you want to reduce costs?
  • Do you believe in the power of your people?
  • Do your people lack motivation, creativity, and initiative?
  • Do you want to derive more value from your people?
  • Do you have above-average staff turnover?
  • Do you struggle to attract and maintain quality staff?
  • Do you struggle to steadily offer your people job satisfaction?
  • Is your work environment stimulating?

Happiness is an ‘Untapped’ Resource in Your Organization.


My services are comprehensive and convenient.

Happiness Management Consulting

I will empower your Chief Happiness Officer – CHO to effectively create and maintain a Happy organization. My step-by-step Happiness Business model capitalizes on the power of a Happy collective by:

  • Motivating and engaging your people.
  • Increasing efficiency, productivity and performance.
  • Increasing revenues and reducing costs.
  • Enhancing teamwork, communications, sales
  • Enhancing corporate image.
  • Enhancing job satisfaction, staff loyalty.
  • Complimenting your existing goals/operations.
  • Establishing low-maintenance, go-forward strategies.
  • Tangibly measuring Happiness, for credibility and value.

An organization will never realize it’s true potential until it realizes the true potential of its people.


I will be your CHO and create and maintain a Happy organization on your behalf. This is an affordable outsourcing option that seamlessly adds value to your business. In addition, transition is easy if you choose to eventually recruit your own CHO – Chief Happiness Officer.

Train the Trainer

I will train a CHO – Chief Happiness Officer to create and maintain a Happy organization. I am also happy to recruit a CHO candidate, on your behalf.

Retirement Packages

The Baby Boomers (born 1946 to 1964) represent a large, rapidly-retiring, rapidly-aging work population. When the Baby Boomers began their careers, they were motivated to improve their lives and to provide better lives for their families. Coming from humble beginnings, it was only logical that success would be the key to Happiness.

Decades later, many Baby Boomers have transitioned to ‘empty-nester’ status and now, like it or lump it, the clock is quickly running down on their careers. The pressure to finally put retirement plans into action or having to shape the ‘later’ years, can certainly be daunting, overwhelming, and even rude – especially for those who possess a young mindset and live an active lifestyle. Somehow, we are told to live life ‘in the moment’. Then, in an instant, we are expected to define a whole next half lifetime and know what we want to do in our latter years. Whether you’re single or having to compromise with a mate, it can be illogical and intimidating. And, let’s face it, at this point in your life, you would hate to get it wrong. You’re too old to fix or recover from any big life mistakes. You’ve already toiled for many decades!

My Happy Retirement solutions comprise the following, and are an affordable, look-good gesture for any individual or corporation:

1. One-on-one Happiness Consulting

My one-on-one retirement consulting transforms the retiree to live a Happy post-work life. The kids leaving home was a transition. Defining and adapting to a non-working lifestyle, can be a complete transformation!!! I will: guide you in identifying what it is that makes YOU Happy; ease the actual change process; and empower you to live a life of long-term satisfaction and Happiness.

2. Retirement Gift Basket

This is a personal gift of power that feeds the soul and enriches the spirit. It includes simple day to day products and techniques, to comfort you as you transition and embark on a new life journey. Of course, each basket is personally blessed!

3. Retirement Synergy

Participate in the synergy of an online Happiness retirement chat group. It’s a great opportunity to share and grow from other’s experiences and tidbits. This is a great place to connect and pick up tips and advice. It’s also a good place to go to vent and regroup. It reminds you that you aren’t alone in your strive to happily transition to your post-work years. This is a positive outlet for any retiree.

Happiness is a Journey, Not a Destination


My services are fresh, affordable, effective and efficient. Timing and performance are based on an individual’s desire to want to change, to go forward. Optimizing Happiness within an organization depends on the desire and commitment of management.

Happiness already rests within the individual and thus, the organization. So, naturally, services are transitional and temporary.

Custom packages – hourly, flat-rate, and/or monthly.

Individuals are unique, as are the people dynamics of an organization. As such, pricing varies based on the specific needs of each client.

Online, on the phone, or in-person consultations.

Minimum 1 hour sessions.

All services are private and confidential.

I am happy to make a difference to your business.