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Hire me to Speak

Speaking is my passion because I can reach more people, more quickly and create happiness synergies to make a difference, faster. I have a vast array of people and business topics that will touch any size and type of crowd, and compliment any event or function. My sessions are informative, enlightening and rejuvenating, and I offer a get-real, down-to-earth, holistic style for you to enjoy and experience. My content provides long-lasting value for any individual or organization and my favorite mediums are happiness, music and laugher!

My sessions are for those who are happy and want to get happier, and for those who are living sad amongst the masses. It’s for those who have daily gratitude and appreciation for all they have but secretly feel a sense of fear, a void, emptiness or disappointment. It’s for the individual who feels overwhelmed from the daily grind and struggle, and for all those who want to love themselves and others. It’s also for those who care about the future health and wellness of our nation.

Happiness is an untapped asset.

Happiness Questionnaire

Are your people Happy? What a way to proactively enhance your business before you bear the high-costs of employee disengagement or turnover. My proprietary HQ uniquely identifies tangible, go-forward opportunities for attracting, motivating and keeping your people loyal. It’s a perfect, affordable portal for your people to express their honesty, outloud, in a safe, affordable, anonymous environment.

Understanding the pulse of your organization, is a proactive cost-saver. Check this out… … 

Shaw to take $450-million hit after 3,300 employees accept buyout — far above original estimate of 650

Happiness is an untapped asset.

Happy Culture Footprint

Happiness is an ‘untapped asset’ in most organizations. Adapting a ‘Happy Culture’ enables you to take advantage of the many proven benefits of Happiness, individually and via a Happy collective whole. A Happy Culture empowers engagement, productivity and performance. With a Happy Culture footprint, the CHO – Chief Happiness Officer, is a main player when it comes to navigating people, demands, deadlines, deliverables, and details. Transitioning  to a Happy Culture through my step-by-step Happiness model, makes it simple, seemless and easy. Happiness is the common driver in all of us and a most logical business model. To really make it hum, we just have to focus on it, to truly harness it.

Earn the official ‘Happy Culture’ stamp so you can attract, and maintain, quality staff, and solidify your presence in the marketplace. Just your desire to be Happy, outloud, instantly hikes your image.

Make a Dream or send a Giggle

Do you know somebody(s) you would like to make laugh and feel Happy? While a gift shows you care, this Happy service lets you lavish an individual(s) in a live Happy experience, dream or a funny ‘situation’. You can choose to have a Happy ‘deed’ done anonymously, or stick around and watch the Happy unfold right in front of you, in the moment. A dream, a gag or a giggle, whatever’s your schtick, I can suit your needs, ideas, spirits and deliver it. 

To make it fun, simple, and convenient, I offer personalized dream and giggle packages but am also very Happy to work within the parameters of your ideas and desires. From design to inception, this is yet another turn-key Happy service that not only makes you look-good, this gift can settle, forever, in your heart and even change your life and the live(s) of others.

Dreams and funnies can take place in the moment, or roll out, over time. Whichever and whatever, I have the savvy to put it all together and deliver. I am flexible and fast at familiarizing myself with your giftee, all without stalking or suspicion. Lol. 

This is a heart-felt gift that truly makes a statement and a difference. A check on the Bucket list or a simple, Happy gesture, it really makes no matter. I will make you shine with your family, friends, or you can play a gag on someone you work with.

If you are interested in this loving, tearful, belly-aching Happy service, please contact me a.s.a.p. I am always anxious and excited to create more laughs and more Happy experiences!!!

Sadly, we do not publicly share any of our funny ideas or Happy ‘situations’. I am a discreet and seamless facilitator, and sharing is the proprietary right of my clients, unless, of course, they provide permission. 

Contact me at 403-818-9890 or email

*NOTE: All of the mischievousness is positive fun, harmless, safe and legal. There’s no space for plotted humiliation, hurt feelings, or anything that makes people feel hurt or unHappy.


Now that your people are Happily engaged, it’s important to keep their spirits nurtured.

I offer a steady feed of monthly Happiness solutions that are easy to justify within any budget or timeline.

Steady Feeds & Motivators

Now that your people are Happily engaged, it’s important to keep their spirits nurtured.

I offer a steady feed of monthly Happiness solutions that are easy to justify within any budget or timeline.

if you want to engage your people, you have to get real…

No business will ever realize it’s true potential until it realizes the true potential of it’s people.